Being a tutor myself and having my own company based around tutoring, many people may see this article and be very cynical. But I wouldn’t be a tutor and teach Spanish if I didn’t think there were many benefits for students that have an online tutor.

I want to speak about some of the key benefits a student can reap from having an online tutor in whatever subject they need help in or are trying to push themselves further in, hopefully bringing to mind points you might not have thought about before.

Personalised help for each student

This point has to rank as one of the most important things a student can get from the help of an online tutor. Schools around the country do so much fantastic work, but the problem will always be that classes are too big meaning each child doesn’t get the help they need. Teaching is aimed at helping the class as a whole which of course is necessary as there are limited teachers and tending to every single child would take a very long time and be impractical. But as a consequence of this, the particular points a student needs more help on are not covered.

School Classes are Too Big

When a student has a lesson with an online tutor, the lessons are all about them. In every session, there should be an aim of what the tutor wants the student to learn, but at all times the focus should be on what that specific student struggles with and how they can help them to navigate the areas in which they are finding difficulty.

One-to-one tutoring sessions allow personalised time for the student to work on those things they don’t get the chance to ask their teacher about in class. In every lesson I teach, I always prepare content that I want to cover in that lesson. But before going through any of this content, I start by asking my student if they have any topics in mind on which they want to spend time.

These areas will always take priority as there is no point in learning new topics and content if the student knows they haven’t grasped the old stuff yet. We will spend as much time as is needed for these areas, and once the student fully understands the topics and feels confident, I will then move on to the content that I have prepared and know they need to cover. In this way, I can ensure all required content is covered while ensuring any gaps in their knowledge are being dealt with appropriately.

Learn from people who have been in your position

As I mentioned earlier, teachers are great. One of the points against them, however, is that they are unlikely to have recently studied the content and syllabus that they are teaching (unless they went straight from school to becoming a teacher).

Many online tutors are young and have studied the subject and the exact syllabus that they teach in recent years meaning they are very familiar with the problems that come up and the areas that can be difficult to understand and can easily recall this information. This knowledge means they are well-equipped to teach the subject as they have had to overcome these learning hurdles themselves. Almost all our tutors at ESpeak have studied Spanish at GCSE, A-Level and university, so they have many years of learning Spanish to lean back on and can pass this wisdom on to their students in every lesson.

Tutors Have Studied Their Subject For Many Years

Grow in confidence without outside pressure

A classroom environment can be quite intimidating for some students. Many are scared to put their hand up when they don’t understand something as they don’t want to embarrass themselves around their classmates. They feel like they should understand everything at the same speed as everybody else and don’t want to be the “odd one out”. As a result of this, they may not address issues when they initially come up and may fall behind in a subject.

An online tutoring class provides a much safer environment in which a student can ask any questions they have without feeling that they will be judged or that anybody is going to make fun of them. The lessons take place at the speed that the student learns at, and so there is no pressure to understand everything immediately as they can take their time on topics with their tutor.

Grow in Confidence Without Outside Pressure

A positive role model

This point is especially relevant for students who are still in school. Online tutoring provides access to a tutor who has been in their position and completed many of the things they are trying to achieve. As I said earlier, many online tutors are also young, so it’s a lot easier for school students to relate to them and feel comfortable communicating with them. In this way, students have access to a great role model who can provide inspiration for their students and show them what is possible if they apply themselves in the years to come.

Of course, the main objective of tutoring classes is that the student improves in the subject for which the lessons are taking place. At the same time, though, students can learn a lot of life lessons from these tutors who are older and with whom they hopefully get along well.

Learn from the comfort of your bedroom

It’s good to talk about why online tutoring is better than in-person. The main reason is the ease with which these sessions can take place. All you need is a laptop and a decent Internet connection to have an online lesson using Skype or any other video application.

Learn From the Comfort of Your Bedroom

There’s no need to travel to meet your tutor (which also saves you money) or to tidy up your house if they come to teach there. Just get a seat at a table and you’re all set to learn whatever subject you want to from your home. For this reason, online tutoring is such a great option for so many.

As you can see, there are so many great benefits to online tutoring, which contribute to it allowing so many students to grow in confidence and improve their exam results.

The current issue that exists is the cost of the lessons. At ESpeak we offer our first lesson free to all students so they can try our lessons before paying anything. Beyond this, if you really can’t afford to pay for lessons and money is stopping you from taking Spanish lessons with us please get in contact, and we will do what we can to ensure that this doesn’t prevent you from growing in confidence and taking your Spanish further.

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3 thoughts on “Five fantastic reasons online tutoring is so beneficial

  1. Your judgemental comment about teachers not knowing the content is harsh and inaccurate. As an experienced teacher and tutor, my students would not achieve success if I were not well educated in the content areas I teach. Slamming teachers with your negative comments is very unprofessional.


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