“I want to learn a new language”. This is something I’ve heard many people say over the past few years, but for most of them their language learning journey never actually gets underway. This can happen for several reasons, even if it something the person is excited to do, and I’m going to talk about why NOW is the best time to learn a language, at the same time as dispelling a few of the main excuses people give for not getting started right away.

With any skill, there is no better time to start learning that this very moment. Think about it: the longer you delay starting to learn something, the less time you’ll have to learn it in total. So why not give ourselves the most time possible to learn a language which we could end up falling in love with? You’ll never again be younger or have more time on your hands than you do right now.

I don’t have enough time to learn a language

It is very easy for people to convince themselves of this. Around work, looking after children and other hobbies, people seem to think that they have no free time at all to start learning a new language on top of all of these commitments. But there’s definitely time for this, which we talked all about in one of our previous posts – have a read of that post about how to find time for language learning around your work if this applies to you.

You're Never Too Old To Learn A Language

I’m too old to learn a new language

This is one of the biggest lies people tell themselves to give themselves an excuse to not learn something new. They convince themselves that they’re too old to learn the new skill because they’re past their prime learning age, and so there’s no point of them committing time to learning. But this just isn’t true at all.

It is true that as we get older, it does become harder to learn new skills and things don’t come to us as easily. Somebody who starts learning a second language as a young child usually finds it very easy to grasp the new language, whereas a 50-year old will require more of a concerted effort to get to grips with it. However, this does not mean that they can’t learn the language – it’s just going to take a bit more effort.

Condemning yourself to being too old to do something is like giving up and saying that your life is over and you can’t learn something new just because you “missed your chance” when you were younger. Life and learning new skills doesn’t end just because we enter adulthood, and you have to open your mind and believe that you can learn new skills, because telling yourself that you can’t quickly turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You Can Always Learn a Language

All tutoring is aimed at children, not adult learners

That’s where we come in. Our Spanish conversation classes are designed for adult learners and those planning to go travelling to Spanish-speaking countries. We focus all of the lessons around conversation and getting our students confident speaking the language while covering a range of topics. Adult learners don’t need to pass exams but instead want to learn to speak the language, which is why it makes so much sense to focus everything around speaking. 

We will, of course, make sure that you cover the grammar that you need to be able to speak Spanish properly, but we’ll only do this when it’s relevant and when you need to know it, so that you can apply the knowledge straight away and in this way absorb what you have learned, instead of just learning things and not using them again for a long time.

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