We live in a virtual age where practically everything can be done online, so why not extend this practice and learn a language online? The internet has so much to offer in terms of learning new skills, so this type of learning has never been so easy and is increasingly more accessible. Here are some of the main benefits of online language classes.

Receive honest, productive feedback from an experienced teacher

Although there are now so many great new apps and resources out there, the best way to learn a language is having access to real-life feedback which can help you to improve as a language learner.

Though you may be acing your vocab memorising skills on Memrise, or learning new phrases with Babbel, online language lessons with an experienced tutor allow you to push yourself further and review particular areas of difficulty, as well as give you the chance to converse with a fluent language speaker.

Learn From An Experienced Teacher

Learn to speak the language confidently

Conversation practice is key to learning to speak any language successfully.

Without a doubt, the best way to learn a language is to throw yourself in the deep end and try to get speaking as soon as you can. Although talking to yourself in your target language might be amusing, it is always better to have feedback and learn from your mistakes whilst you are chatting away. Though the beginning of any language-learning journey is likely to be bumpy, the more speaking practice you get, the more those bumps will start to smooth out.

Immersion is essential with learning a new language. However, it is not so easy to jump on a plane to Madrid at the drop of a hat, so being able to take conversation classes with a fluent speaker is a great way to improve your confidence speaking the language for when that weekend in Madrid does come along and you can put what you have learnt into practice.

The biggest barrier for any language learner, especially at an early stage, is confidence. Having the courage to speak from the beginning will greatly help any learner to excel in their studies and eventually hold their own in a conversation and even attain fluency.

Learn To Speak The Language Confidently

Of course, this isn’t something gained overnight and it can be nerve-wracking at first, which is why having access to an experienced teacher will help you to identify where you may need the most help. Once this initial hurdle is overcome, the more speaking you can do, the better. Embrace the mistakes you might make along the way, and more importantly, learn from them.

Enjoy lessons personalised to you

The great thing about learning online is that you aren’t having to speak in front of a class full of peers or constantly compare yourself to other students. This way, you can go at your own pace and level and simply enjoy the language-learning experience.

As an adult learner especially, you have the freedom to mould your lessons in a way that would best suit you, whether you’d like to learn phrases and practice conversation that would help you abroad, or if you are learning Spanish to help with your professional life, for example.

Learn when, where and with whoever you want to

Learn comfortably at home! No uniforms, no smart dress code. Just you on your sofa, or at the kitchen table in your pyjamas and slippers. Online language lessons are designed to make you, the learner, feel at ease in your own space, therefore you can decide where and how you would like to learn. Recreate a café language exchange and make some coffee, or learn at your bedroom desk- whatever works for you.

Decide Where And How You Want To Learn

One of the biggest pros of learning online is the time you’ll save. Time is a precious thing, and many of us simply don’t have enough of it. By taking classes online from the comfort of your home, you can dictate the length, frequency and, of course, not have to worry about travelling. WIFI and mobile data also mean that you could even learn on a park bench in your lunch hour, but when doing this we advise using headphones!

Flexibility not only applies to when and where, but also with who. If you would rather learn in a small group or with your friend, partner or child, that is also a possibility and a really fun way to learn and experience interactive online language lessons.

Gain valuable insight from fluent, well-travelled tutors

What makes ESpeak’s online tutors stand out is that, not only are they experienced Spanish learners, but they’ve also spent a significant amount of time in Spanish-speaking countries. This means that as well as access to first-class teaching, you can learn a great deal about other countries and cultures.

Our Tutors Have Spent Significant Time In Spanish Speaking Countries

If you are learning for travel purposes, why not gain some great recommendations along the way, as well as valuable first-hand advice that you might not be able to access from a book or web page? You might also get to hear amusing anecdotes, mishaps and learn what NOT to do, if you are daring enough to ask.

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