A guide for Spanish speakers and learners

If you read content in your target language that you are interested in, you’re much more likely to pay better attention and learn more quickly. Reading articles in your target language is a wonderful way to improve, and there is so much Spanish-language content online to help you. By doing this, you can ensure you’re learning a great range of vocabulary and exposing yourself to sophisticated sentence structures. It is even easier now that these resources can all be accessed from your browser or through an easy-to-use app.

We’ve compiled a guide to help you navigate the world of Spanish-language online news, tailored to your interests and the kind of things you typically like to read about.

Which type are you? 

The political one

You love to read about the latest national and international political news. You look for clarity and conciseness, avoiding bias where possible, and opt for coverage of a variety of current affairs.

El País Spanish Newspaper

El País is Spain’s first pro-democracy newspaper, as all other alternative print media in circulation at the time aligned with Francoist ideology. The first issue was published on 4 May 1976, 6 months after the death of Franco, thus El País became the newspaper of Spanish democracy. Born with cosmopolitan and European ideals, El País participated in the creation of a common network of information sources with Italy’s La Repubblica and France’s Le Monde.

Regarded as a ‘periódico global’ (global newspaper), El País is truly international as it covers Spanish as well as Latin American (including Brazil) news online. Divided into segments online like an actual newspaper, you can dive straight into the topics that interest you the most. You can easily download the app and be updated wherever you are, too. 

The all-rounder

You like to read about several issues and be up to date on global affairs, while also getting your weekly sports fill and some new fashion tips along the way. 

BBC Mundo is a great online news platform, bringing you coverage from around the globe through video and written articles. BBC Mundo is a great resource for language learners as they have great visual content, like interactive maps and infographics with statistics that can help you to grasp an understanding of issues alongside written articles. BBC Mundo’s expert presence on social media means that you can be updated on your Instagram news feed regularly, with informative videos as well as the news in pictures with provocative captions.

BBC Mundo On Instagram

The sports fan

You look for good coverage of all sports news. Even if your number 1 sport might be football, you could read about Formula 1 or Cricket at the right time of the season. 

Marca is a Madrid-based Spanish-language sports newspaper that incorporates all sports. It especially contains great coverage of La Liga, so is ideal if you are a fan of Spanish football. As the most-circulated sports newspaper in Spain, it is a reliable source of sports news and is regarded as the best by its faithful Spanish audience. It not only covers a great deal of national Spanish sport but also covers international sports leagues like the British Premier League and the NFL, while also following a variety of other sports like MotoGP, Golf and Boxing.

Marca Spanish Sports Newspaper

The business tycoon

You are looking for a quick fill on global economic affairs on your way to work. Café Americano in one hand and phone opened on El Economista in the other. How’s the FTSE 100 doing?  

El Economista is the leading Spanish daily newspaper covering economic, financial and business affairs – not dissimilar to the Financial Times. The paper uses plain and easy to understand language to explain complex financial and business affairs, divided into four sections, making it a great and concise read to get your fill of economic news in Spanish.

El Economista Spanish Newspaper Economic And Business Affairs

The worldly one  

You are concerned with global issues, whether it’s environmental, political or cultural. Internationally-minded and keen to explore other cultures and countries in a news context. 

El Mundo is a Spanish newspaper with versions covering Latin America and elsewhere, and the name (it means “the world”) says it all. It is the second most circulated newspaper in Spain. Editorially, El Mundo mostly expresses the mainstream views of the centre-right (Spain) with some independent and liberal overtones. The newspaper has historically developed a reputation for playing a key role in uncovering some national scandals.

El Mundo Spanish Newspaper

El Mundo online is split by category so you can view world news easily, continent by continent. Many of its online readers hail from Latin America, thus reiterating its global appeal as a serious news source.  

The arts and culture fanatic

You love to read about the latest exhibitions, the top 10 fiction paperbacks of the year so far, theatre reviews and film critiques. Maybe even the odd article about an archaeological dig that has unearthed thousand-year-old artefacts in Kazakhstan?

La Vanguardia is based in Catalonia and is printed daily in two parallel editions, one in Spanish and the other in Catalan. This newspaper represents its readers in its bilingual identity, but is moderate in its opinion as it lies near the centre of the political spectrum. La Vanguardia’s ‘Cultura’ section is extensive and has 10 subcategories to sink your teeth into, including theatre, cinema, music, books, culture(s), film listings, spelling and grammar, the list goes on. 

La Vanguardia Cultura

A recently-devised segment of La Vanguardia Cultura is a section entitled La Gallina (hen). These ‘Relatos de Confinamiento’ (Tales of Confinement) are short stories written into the paper during this time of international confinement. La Vanguardia has called for journalists and writers to contribute to this segment as a featured fictional section of their daily feed. These short Spanish-language stories are a great way to amplify your vocabulary and enjoy contemporary and spontaneous fiction.

ESpeak on LinkedIn: Your Weekly Newsbite from the Spanish-speaking World

ESpeak LinkedIn Weekly Newsbite

Alternatively, tune in to ESpeak’s LinkedIn page for a weekly briefing of bullet-pointed news from the Spanish-speaking world. Using sources such as El País, BBC Mundo and more, this is a great way to digest weekly bitesize news if you are pressed for time or just don’t want to dive in too deep. Stay informed with the latest headlines and broaden your knowledge of current affairs from Spanish-speaking countries. 

In it for the pictures? 

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

All of these Spanish newspapers have their own Instagram pages, so you can have a read of their key stories but in a much shorter snippet. This is an ideal way to get your daily fix of Spanish-language content and see some great photography representing historical or current affairs.

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