Spanish Tutoring For Exams

We offer online Spanish tutoring classes for students studying GCSE or A-Level Spanish under any exam board.

These lessons are based on the content of each student’s course, making sure we cover all topics and grammar required to achieve the highest possible grades.

There is a large focus in these lessons on speaking and no lesson will consist of just writing or grammar exercises – where possible, these elements will be integrated into speaking practice, meaning students cover the necessary content while improving their conversational Spanish.

Through lessons with a tutor who has studied at these levels and achieved the highest grades, students will be excel in their exams.

1 lesson
  • 50 minutes

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Spanish Tutoring for Exams

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Group Tutoring Lessons

Spanish Tutoring for Exams – 2 Students

Does your child feel more comfortable learning in a group setting? Try out our lessons for 2 students, where they can learn alongside another student